Community Standards

Gap Junction Science is oriented towards academic scientists and scholars interested in discussing the meeting points between feminism and science. It’s also a place for anyone else interested in this exploration. Because Gap Junction Science is a place for discussion, here are some community standards.

  1. There are lots of places to debate, proclaim, or explain the uselessness of science or feminism: Gap Junction Science is not one of them. Accordingly, outright anti-science and/or anti-feminist comments are not welcome on this site. Neither is hate speech, bullying, or harassment (including racism, sexism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, and others).
  2. Let’s make this website a model of civil discourse. Of course that includes passionate disagreement, but keep it respectful and productive. Even though Gap Junction Science is the internets, we still have feelings.
  3. Gap Junction Science is a space for learning and exploration – we’re trying to do something newish: bring science and feminism together. Let’s encourage each other even when we question each other.
  4. There are already lots of community standards out there. has some great ones. They talk about not tolerating: dismissal, silencing, derailing, malice, and many other problematic actions.

Do you have some other suggestions for intellectually exhilarating engagement? Any favorite standards? Add your comments and suggestions below, or contact us directly.