Gender and Sex in Cell Cultures and Animal Models

Though feminism is relevant across science disciplines, sometimes it’s easier to see how it might be relevant to the scientific questions of one area than another. For example, it might be less immediately obvious how sex comes into the bench biosciences vs. human research… though you’d have to have some serious post-feminist goggles on to think that human bioscience is in anyway normatively feminist.

This is a really useful and interesting article by a member of the Gap Junction Science community; an environmental immunologist and medical science educator Stacey Ritz.


Here are the details below, and you can access the article here (Ritz et al – FASEBJ – in press). They do a great job of describing gender and sex, discussing how both may or may not be relevant to the sorts of research questions scientists are studying with cell cultures or animal models. Especially useful is, on page 6, a “Sex/Gender Toolbox for Experimental Scientists.” This might be perfect to spur discussion in a lab group discussion, a journal reading club, or something else.


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