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Easy free-air 2-3 bar SD OS. Surprisingly there are a number of features in the stock PCM not utilized in the original stock tune on this year of the 6. 9. While the information contained herein is assumed to be accurate, TTS Inc. These error codes are adjusted when the 17 May 2017 MEGAsquirt - Megasquirt/TunerStudio "Tips and Tricks" - Seems like every time I spend some time working on my tune, or reading about. 19. AFR vs EGT. 6 on a digit display Frequent Asked Questions Section. Save and Upload (GEN III and IV) · G. X software TheTuningSchool. Data log AFR Besides the industry standard Bosch 5 wire sensor, this data logging capability greatly facilitates engine tuning and diagnosis of driveability issues. sales@afrautoworks. 7, but I thought I wanted 12. MAF Wot Tuning: AFR Error Graph (GEN III and IV) Please purchase the course before starting the lesson. There can also be added issues whereby its common that the software used for ' decoding' the factory files tells us the map, but not the axis or units of More fuel pulse width with the same delivered AFR and no timing pull will equal more HP at the wheels. In the last two weeks, we have made dramatic improvements to our test Charger More fuel pulse width with the same delivered AFR and no timing pull will equal more HP at the wheels. com. 5:1 AFR for best power , now we're tuning closer to 14:1 to preserve mileage. · Easy free-air calibration procedure corrects for sensor aging effects. ➢ This one keeps the PE values that are less than Stoich from being logged in the histogram so the data does not get skewed. ), heat exchanging abilities, and other variables. Daytona Sensors, WEGO III Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Meter Tuning Aid, Dual Channel These versatile tuning aids are designed for all carbureted and fuel injected engines. Instructions with a Wideband O2 Sensor. Trying to tune a e40s VE table. Often AFR is displayed as a digital number, for instance 12. A type of ignition system that doesn't require spark plug wires, and has a coil mounted directly to each spark plug. 5 AFR range (±0. Are you a piston guy or a rotor guy? If the former applies to you then you might find this article irrelevant and rather boring. AFR is the mass ratio of air to fuel in an internal combustion engine. The Sniper AF-5000 can Sniper Tuning AF-5000 - AFR Monitor / Logging Highly accurate with less than �0. 7. 11 Mar 2016 This leaves very little room for error with regard to proper grounds. I assume the histogram compares the data log to my tune. Look over the values to make sure everything looks okay while you wait for the engine to come to full operating temperature (coolant temperature greater than about 180 degrees. This allows the battery also to operate like a giant voltage spike suppressor which allows the electronic side of the system to operate normally. Performance Changes and Goals – 2nd (GEN III AND IV) [F/I] Mar 24, 2017 I saw the data was trying to have me lean it out (based in AFR error) to get to 14. How to Set Up a Wideband in HP Tuners have a voltage offset error. pdf. For Parts or Booking Please Contact. 3 - 19. 1 Hemi engine. B. Create by 69lt1bird – Jeff Anderson. 10. But today's riders are looking for better fuel mileage. Please purchase the course before starting the lesson. If not, you can download my tune configuration below and use mine. adam@ afrautoworks. tuning afr errorApr 5, 2014 MAF Error Graph setup version 3 0 - Duration: 5:53. 5:1 A/F mixture is a good place to start. 0:1 AFR instead of 14. MasterTune, DataMaster and 11 Apr 2017 I am anxious to give it a good read. youtube. There are . When at this ideal, the BLM will read 128 Obviously, the best way to tune this way is trial-and-error in your car. AFR as set up in the Target AFR table. Sydney Tuning. 33 Lambda range). Also looking for the way to setup Apr 04, 2014 · Using AFR error to adjust primary VE Disappearing AFR Error and how to fix it using HP HP Tuners Target Idle Tuning for Mild to More Tuning Afr Error videos Speed Density Tuning using Wideband O2 You’ll still be able to do SD tuning but you have no It helps to have a passenger viewing the AFR Error Apr 11, 2016 · How to display AFR ERROR using HP Tuners VCM Suite 3. From years of experience with tuning all things SR20, we know that a safe level of Air to Fuel ratio under high load is between 31 Aug 2010 The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on any part of TTS Inc. php?56073-How-To-MAF-Error-Graph-setup-using-HP-Tuners-3-0Feb 24, 2016 Its also possible to use STFT or LTFT instead of ARF error. 5 AFR range. A Histogram that shows what AFR Error was ocurring in each of the cells on the table. Using the Command AFR vs. 5 AFR range; Easy free-air calibration procedure corrects for sensor aging effects. 'Select' entire contents of pop-up The scatter plot provide a visual representation of the data being collected. To tune open loop properly and safely you need a wideband 02 that can correctly and accurately measure the AFR in OL. Use of the. Note that you'll probably want to re-adjust the wideband error to match your wideband and not my AEM one. Got it working 100% now. an error condition. . Just trying to understand the histogram used for logging. Load - Is the measurement of how hard an engine is working. See DTC. After pulling all of this fuel out the car runs, pulls, and idles far better and it's NOW at 14. Wish I knew more about tuning. I plan on posting my step by step to get this working with a LC-1 through egr for both wide band and narrow band at the same time. 007 Lambda error over 0. hptuners. (afr). When tuning your vehicle, you will need to monitor certain tables and be able to copy into the editor of the same Information Provided by The Tuning School. Displays air/fuel Highly accurate with less than ±0. eliminate the MAF from a 3800 v6 tune, There are issues you’ll have to deal with for spark tuning, Make sure you have a VE wideband AFR error table A. Once the ignition timing has been physically confirmed, we move on the the actual ECU tuning. Here is a list of the available data to display on the gauge coming from ECU: RPM; TPS; Intake Air temperature; MAP (Manifold Air Pressure); Coolant temperature; Battery voltage; Vehicle speed; Ignition timing; AFR; AFR Correction; ECU error 25 Feb 2017 You will also need to create a histogram of the "VE AFR Error %". All of the tuning is utilized with HPTuners MPVI Pro tuning suite , along with a LM-2: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter logging directly into the HPTuners MPVI Pro tuning suite to give the perfect AFR Error calculations to have everything dialed in perfect which yields the best power and drivablity one could ask for! high wgdc to hit target boost. (403)392-1278. If exactly enough air is provided to completely burn all of the fuel, the ratio is known as the stoichiometric mixture which is defined as an 14. Red Deer, AB, Canada. com/youtube?q=tuning+afr+error&v=v361WSS_TSA Sep 1, 2015 This short video will show you how to fix a missing AFR Error while using your HP Tuners MPVI- Pro unit and your wideband. com/youtube?q=tuning+afr+error&v=Jpqm2SEtagw Apr 12, 2016 0:10 In the 3. Especially useful for Intuitive diagnostics information means no more guessing strange error codes from a blinking light. I'll try logging these instead and see if AFR_Error is the difference between these values and my AFR gauge. I have read the SD VE and MAF tuning guide. If you do not find a detailed answer to a listed question, or if you need more elaborate information regarding any of questions here, or any that you might have, one of our technical experts will be more than glad to Free basics & tips for tuning your own LT1/L99 PCM/Computer! By default, in closed loop, it attempts to get an air:fuel ratio (AFR) of 14. seems to change nothing. It wasn't Make sure you have a VE wideband AFR error table (similar to your MAF error table, except for VE). X www. com/subscription_c Call us with any of your questions. That's it. AFR Autoworks. The ecu thinks it's getting more air than it really is. Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) is the ratio of Air (Oxygen) to Fuel (Gasoline). See exactly how You can plot your spark or AFR table, see where in on the maps knock is occuring. The difference between them was displayed. 007 Lambda error over entire range. Where logged AFR is lower than target, you need to lower the MAF calibration. 1. Save scan file (GEN III and IV). Higher octane fuels are more stable at higher cylinder pressures, and are more Dyno Tuning. thetuningschool. Set "Knock and "No Knock" tables the same for now to avoid confusion. ​0:22 If you already have our Learn at home course: ​http://www. LS1 Tuning Guide, DIY tuning information for the beginner using HP Tuners software. 7:1) then your fuel economy at that site with be, yes, about 5 per cent worse. Only you can Remember you have not yet adjusted the high end of the MAF Calibration table, so it's wise to leave yourself margin for error. WEGO™ units are versatile tuning aid for all carbureted and fuel injected engines displays air/fuel ratio (AFR) and logs over 2 hours data including AFR, engine All WEGO™ systems are highly accurate with less than ±0. Start the scan Fuel Tech - What fuels to use, and what fuels not to use. It wasn't Apr 29, 2017Make sure you have a VE wideband AFR error table (similar to your MAF error table, except for VE). Sounds like you need to tune the MAF calibration. Back to: GM HP Tuners Level 1 Beginners/Intermediate > 10. COP: Coil On Plug. It can be basic open- loop The Tuning 101 Wideband AFR Control Center. Right from the outset we need to clarify that this is not a specific, DIY-type “how to tune” Histogram - Table Generators Bring the power to quickly and easily Generate tuning tables and maps based on the data in your logs. 6 AFR ratio. display in AFR. Make sure you have a VE wideband AFR error table (similar to your MAF error table, except for VE). 22 Mar 2012 Connecting a Wide band O2 sensor to your V3 S300 Hondata ecu is now easier than ever, follow our install instructions for trouble free data logging of your AFR. Reviewing WOT testing logs (GEN III and IV) How to add MAF AFR Error to the Histogram Display. How to display AFR ERROR using HP Tuners VCM Suite 3. Set up my tune as per the instructions. Don't be afraid 11 Dec 2015 D: Tuning for appropriate Air to Fuel Ratios (Lambda). ask. with the big cam, I had afr errors as high as Seriously, this new version of HPT is driving me batshit crazy. Instruction #19. Our facility is equipped with a Dynojet 224xLC with the newest software package available! Our Dyno can measure AFR(Air Fuel Ratio), boost and provides a weather station to adjust for atmospheric changes. ” Bazzaz says his company starts at around 13:1 but will aim for different targets if best The gauge is compatible with ECUMaster: EMU (with CANbus); EMU Black. · 0- 5V analog AFR output (two outputs for dual channel unit) for interface to dyno instrumentation. As pointed out in Meyer et Bringing this all back around to real world tuning. This will show you how to setup custom PID's and how to log Lambda error % in your histograms. com/produc 0:30 Follow the steps in our guide that show you how to create a MAF AFR Error Historgram 0:50 How to setup up MAF AFR Error Histogram so it works  Disappearing AFR Error and how to fix it using HP Tuners MPVI Pro www. However, if you identify with the latter then this might well be the most important article you'll ever read. Save scan file (GEN III and IV) · C. We can do this with widebands or narrowbands. If both LT and ST trims What is the basic procedure for MAF tuning via AFR Error with a wideband? Am I correct in assuming that this method uses the 7th default histogram (HP. Correct AFR difference ( GEN III and IV) · E. Setting up the histograms afr error egr. Recommended WUE Data - Displays the calculated recommended WUE through out the temperature range. The AFR is an important measure for performance-tuning reasons. assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. The Configure User Defined Enhanced IO Inputs box should still be on the screen. Step 10: Go back to your HP Tuners VCM Scanner screen. Mode (RPM Mode) - Select how many pulses per rotation (ppr) based on your Tuning Tip: Tune your wastegate duty and spring pressure settings. hydrocarbons, but this cannot be done easily without tuning other sensors on the car to coincide. A. E38. AFR error is great when you are tuning for pump gas (87-93). ERM Performance Tuning Edward Mowton 5,869 views · 5:53 · Lambda VS AFR - Jay's Tech Tips - Duration: 5:26. Software capable of generating histogram data for wideband AFR error calculation – easily copy and paste into your tuning software. Default setting is Gasoline. and AFR Error %) and then paste the column data from your first WOT log under where it says "RUN 1" in Bad Noodle's OLMAFTool, the column data from your second WOT log . Scan and Analyze (GEN III and IV) · H. We begin by adjusting the Air/Fuel Ratio to safe functioning levels. In the last two weeks, we have made dramatic improvements to our test Charger Wego 3 Wide Band Tuning Kit for Motorcycles applications-WEGO III Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Displays WEGO III Wide Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor kit (includes Highly accurate with less than ±0. 10 AFR error over 10. Coasting downhill is considered very low load. Equations 1a and 1b define the relationship between measured AFR bias and rich and lean period measurements used to calculate the AFR controller error. That Racing Channel 76,774 views · 5:26. Below you will find a list of frequently asked Power Commander question. 2 to 13. 4:20 Cell hits required Set to 5 for part throttle tuning, Anything about Ford EEC tuning. 19 Nov 2016 They don't tune in an logical way and that can actually represent some serious issues for trying to get good Air Fuel Ratios (AFR's) throughout the range. com/forum/showthread. I can't for the life of me figure out how to set up the AFR error histogram in the scanner on the Nov 24, 2013 This is a "How To" on setting up HP Tuners to log Commanded Lambda vs. VE - AFR errorApr 12, 2016Apr 5, 2014Sep 1, 2015Jun 24, 2011 The stock afr error would nt work. This is a tool for establishing a baseline AFR table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt® or MicroSquirt® controllers. In order for the system to work, . Start the car and begin scanning. Fire the car up and reset the fuel trims, go for a Jul 7, 2011 So how are LTFT's adjusted? I played with this. Disable Catalytic Overtemp Protection (GEN III and IV) · F. So it is essential that the main power and ground leads go directly to the battery. thanks Henry. The "math" forms you a VE table with a percentage correction using AFR error with is the same as lambda error or eq ratio. Enter the data from the HP It is important to distinguish if you have a positive or negative error (always subtract the wideband. 20. 0 www. Most tuning I have done with narrowbands is typically done on 30 Dec 2015 Target Tune is a product that uses a control module and 2 Bosch wideband AFR / Lambda sensors. Having closed loop correction based on an air/fuel ratio 'aim' chart prevents this sort of minor fuelling error that, over time, can add up to A method for controlling AFR that combines the low cost of a conventional switching oxygen sensor and streamlined catalyst conversion. VE VF Engine Tuning Information including details about E38 ECM. Anyways, made some injector changes and I need to clean up my fueling while driving. The goal on the fuel side of things is to have the actual AFR as measured at the O2 sensor to be as close as possible to the. In that part he uses a gauge . #2 - 4845, 79th St. Enable Standalone datalogging software included – with inputs for RPM. 3-19. 70 - 1. 10 AFR or ±0. The ideal air to fuel ratio ( AFR) depends upon fuel quality, engine design, fueling model (port injection, DISI, diesel, etc. 3. Fire the car up and reset the fuel trims, go for a 2 Jan 2013 Lambse (Tuning Step 1) DO NOT change the maf curve to get the wideband to spit out the afr you want adjust the maf curve or injector values to get the wideband to spit out the afr . Adam McCreery, founder, technician, engine management/dyno tuning. X scanner, Histograms are called Graphs. Basically I use a innovate exhaust clamp that clamp is not correct in low RPM. Reviewing WOT testing logs (GEN III and IV) · B. Just a mistake that the car was cruising not at WOT so it can be a different (leaner) AFR. Now you simply calculate out your fuel error% ( lambda / lambse ) at each mafv point and compare your error percentage. com  How To: MAF Error Graph setup using HP Tuners 3. Fire the car up and reset the fuel trims, go for a . 3 RPM Settings (Gauge Abbreviations). TuneBoss will tell Creating an Initial AFR Table for Tuning. You can use this system to record AFR if you like; as well as another input such as RPM if needed. I feel like I need to learn a whole new software all over again. 7:1 (or whatever else is specified as the target in the PCM). Driving uphill is considered high load. So retarded to make it more A wideband O2 sensor is much more sophisticated and can supply the exact AFR measurement across a wide range of possible AFR values. Tom Bourque, sales, customer service. Check out our other videos: http://www. By Joey Strub. With 2000-hp/ 2000 ft lbs torque and up to 200 mph measurement capacity, the 224xLC can handle 16 Jul 2008 Tuning the accelerator pump squirter volume and duration is mainly done by trial and error to obtain the best throttle response, but a 12. tuning afr error Mafless Tuning Maf Tuning. A. An idle system will have an idle jet/restriction that must be changed to supply the desired fuel mixture for idle and off idle engine A method for controlling AFR that combines the low cost of a conventional switching oxygen sensor and streamlined catalyst conversion. Start logging data Mar 24, 2017 I saw the data was trying to have me lean it out (based in AFR error) to get to 14. only for open loop AFR. Stop the scan. com/tuningmanuons%20rev3. Create a VE AFR Error % histogram. DP's EFI tuning technology is a Highly accurate with less than ±0. Lambda error (data from your wideband). 14 Jul 2015 For example, if you're only 5 per cent out in fuel number (giving say 14. MAF Wot Tuning: AFR Error Graph (GEN III and IV) · B. Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning. As pointed out in Meyer et 25 Apr 2017 Target AFR Log. It uses the existing closed loop, adaptive fuel control strategy in your Delphi ECM, but with changes made to the calibration to allow your ECM to use the wideband sensors. Create a full-load closed-loop AFR control strategy on full power using proportional and integral compensation maps to adjust fuel injection volume for a given AFR error. Where does mlvhd get that info? For example the first time I used histogram the z axis's (delta and something else) was set to afr and afr error or afr target respectively. Hey Henry, long time Yes, you can use several different ones depending on the mode your tune is set to. Closed-Loop Boost Control Custom Maps can offer a wastegate -solenoid-driven boost control on forced induction setups. The lower the AFR the richer the 30 Nov 2015 “We used to tune for maximum power. 33 Lambda range) and In the beginning of his dvd he goes over how lambda works and how much easier it makes things for tuning part throttle. WUE Error vs Coolant - The percent error in target AFR is displayed through out the temperature range. 727-264-8875 or email: info@thetuningschool. 7 units of Oxygen to 1 unit of Gasoline is whats called the Gasoline Stoichiometric ratio. 6-12. 70-1. Looking all over for a write up on how to properly setup custom PID in the scanner to log afr error. Bluetooth Wireless tuning is available on ALL TuneBoss ECUs, no add-ons required! PRODUCTS Add or reduce fuel to achieve the optimal Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) for your machine. Once all of the open loop fuel tables have been populated with safe values, carefully test engine operation. Where we used to aim for a 13. · Ultra-bright daylight readable blue LED display with automatic other error codes on the status viewport of the screen, the SCG-1 will display “SC . If you change your exhaust the rear 02 sensors monitor activity for evidence of catalytic converter failure and will also throw engine lights due to error codes. It is designed to work in Internet If you get an error alert instead, you will have to correct your input values before continuing. 14. MAF Wot Tuning: AFR Error Graph (GEN III and IV). Try airboy's spreadsheet, it will graph everything and show the AFR error against maf voltage. Your unit can be modified In the pull down menu for Units, select afr. Long Term Fuel Trims plus Short Term Fuel Trims: LTFT+STFT Math using HP Tuners 3. Evaluate graph data (GEN III and IV) · D. http://ls1tuningguide. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm