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Feminist Biology Post Doc/Sabbatical!

Here is a new posting for that Feminist Biology post doc/sabbatical position at the University of Wisconson-Madison! This is the second year, and it seems like a great opportunity. Here is the link! Wittig Postdoc ad 09 15 Some details: “The Wittig Postdoctoral Fellows Program in Feminist Biology offers the...


Is subjectivity biased?

Okay, not surprisingly, the answer to whether subjectivity is biased is ‘no’. LET’S GO HOME! Just kidding! Remember math tests? It wasn’t the answer at the end, but how you got there. Ok, so science: you’ve got your objectivity and your subjectivity. We’re supposed to be all: objectivity is the...


Wisconsin Symposium on Feminist Biology!

Wisconsin Symposium on Feminist Biology Join us October 10 – 11 as we consider how to uncover and reverse gender bias in biology Keynote speakers: Anne Fausto-Sterling, Brown University Sari van Anders, University of Michigan Featured speaker: Caroline VanSickle, Wittig Postdoctoral Fellow in Feminist Biology, University of Wisconsin—Madison Open to...

New Fellowship in Feminist Biology (post docs, mid-career, and senior scholars) 0

New Fellowship in Feminist Biology (post docs, mid-career, and senior scholars)

Here’s an announcement for a really exciting new post doc at the University of Wisconsin Madison in Feminist Biology! Details below, and at this link or in this PDF (Wittig Postdoc flyer 11 13). Wittig Postdoctoral Fellowship in Feminist Biology  Department of Gender & Women’s Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison  The...

Geek Feminism Wiki! 0

Geek Feminism Wiki!

Found a link to this Wiki in one of the articles Sari posted today! AWESOMENESS.

Graduate training in the sciences: A narrative 0

Graduate training in the sciences: A narrative

What does scientific training do? Does it do the same things to different people? Is scientific training explicit or are there unspoken goals? This classic piece provides a fascinating, accessible, and very readable narrative about “a young girl called Snehalatha Bhrijbhushan” who lives in “a city in the Orient” and...

Feminist Science Studies Organizations 0

Feminist Science Studies Organizations

Here are some of the feminist science studies organizations that I am aware of: FEMMSS (The Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics and Science Studies) FiSTS (Feminists in Science and Technology Studies): FiSTS is a group connected to the Science and Technology Taskforce of the National Women’s Studies Association...