Author: Sari van Anders

Babies and STEM 0

Babies and STEM

I am just going to lay this out here. If you want to discuss when we start giving children the message that STEM is for boys and not for girls, you can’t get any...

Here she comes to save the day: PIPETGIRL! 0

Here she comes to save the day: PIPETGIRL!

Editor’s Note: Here is a guest post by Stacey Ritz. We put it in pink so that people with girl-eyes could read it. ATTENTION WOMEN SCIENTISTS: It’s not our propensity for falling-in-love/being-falled-in-love-with (#distractinglysexy), or...

Is subjectivity biased? 0

Is subjectivity biased?

Okay, not surprisingly, the answer to whether subjectivity is biased is ‘no’. LET’S GO HOME! Just kidding! Remember math tests? It wasn’t the answer at the end, but how you got there. Ok, so...

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